How to Manifest Faster

How would you like to have a system that you could do for just 15 minutes a day that would guarantee rapid results in your life?

If that sounds like something you would like, read on…

My work as a change expert is based around this simple concept:


Your thoughts create feelings. Your feelings dictate your actions. Your actions determine your results.

In order to achieve the results you want you must be able to put your thoughts on the results that you want to attain. If you were to just do this step alone you would achieve your goals much faster than most. But what we are going to discuss is the habits of super successful people. We are interested in super fast results, right?

Sometimes people may try to focus on their desire and visualize but they are unaware of the importance of one critical factor. Can you guess what that factor is? It’s your FEELINGS.

If you think about your desire and your thoughts immediately turn to all of the excuses why you can’t achieve your desire, how do you think that will make you feel? What kind of feeling would that produce in your body? That feeling is your signal and it means…

You are not focused on your desire!!

That’s right, those negative feelings are your signal that your thoughts have strayed from what you want and you are instead focusing on what you do not want or why you can not attain your goal. Usually these are related to negative self-esteem issues such as “I’m not good enough”, or some other variation.

The key here is that when you put your thoughts on your desires those thoughts must produce a positive feeling. This is how we achieve anything in life. We are emotional creatures. All of our actions are guided by our feelings. The good news is you are now learning how to steer your own ship!

Remember, you can attract anything you want in life, as long as you can imagine it and feel good about it. Once you do this your subconscious will take over and your actions will automatically guide you. It will seem at times “effortless” or you will feel “in the flow”. This is what high class athletes or super achievers all talk about.

A lot of people like to talk about this as being supernatural, mystical, magical, or “New Age”. Call it what you want but don’t fall into the hype. Although I prefer to see life as a blessing and a miracle…this is real and it’s how you were designed to work.

So now that we understand this concept, here is a simple 4 step process for manifesting faster:

Step 1. Focus on your desire.

Step 2. Pay very close attention to what you are feeling. The goal here is to feel good about your desire. If you feel any negative feelings go to step 2a.

Step 2a. Using the FasterEFT technique, focus on the images, sensations, feelings of the thought that is producing the negative feelings and tap repeatedly on all five meridian points while affirming that you are “releasing and letting go”. In between rounds pause to take a deep breath and say “peace”. Repeat this process until you can focus on your desire without the negative thought interfering.

Step 3. Once you are able to focus on your desire for a few minutes while feeling good write down any inspirational thoughts, ideas, or action steps that you can take. If you are truly focusing on your desire and feeling good you will automatically begin picking up ideas from the ether. Write down everything!

Step 4. Choose 3 action steps you can do that day based on what you wrote down while focused on your desire.

That’s it!

Now this sounds like a simple process and it is but it’s not always easy (take it from me). In my experience I get the most benefits from this technique when I perform it consistently. Do this exercise for 30 days and see what happens. You may want to set up some accountability such as calling a friend every day after you complete it and if you don’t call themĀ  you owe that person $50…get the idea?

By far the most important part of this process is tapping out your negative beliefs and subconscious blocks (Step 2a.). This is where a coach can come in very handy. Having someone walking you through the tapping process can be extremely beneficial because they can see things from a neutral point of view. An experienced FasterEFT Practitioner will know how to help you “aim” at the problem and tap it away.

“click this cleverly disguised link that will take you to my sessions tab so you can book an appointment with me ;-)’

Seriously, if you are at a point in your life where you just want to make some changes, this process will help you do it FAST.



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